Global Shared Economic Credit Data Value Platform

ShareChain is an intelligent, trustworthy, open, and centralization credit data value platform based on shared economy,
It is to build the underlying architecture based on the shared economy through the block chain technology.
Subvert the existing centralization credit platform through block chain technology,
Shared chains are designed to use shared chain tokens(Super Smart Share abbreviation “SSS”)
realize the value quantification and value circulation in the platform.
The real and unique credit system of data is built to create a shared economic and trusted ecosystem and
truly realize the great prospect of "credit interconnection and sharing the future".


Prospects and advantages

value proposition
A central mindset
intelligent contract
business architecture
consensus mechanism

Value proposition of shared chain

Sharing chain to share credit data as the core, gradually share access to travel, sharing, sharing, sharing digital charging treasure hostel sharing applications, the use of networking, artificial intelligence, big data technology, in various fields to promote interoperability, achieve the integration of resources more efficiently, to create first-class credit to the center of the shared ecosystem.

ShareChain Platform

Eccentric Ecology

The development of the shared chain is to create a shared ecological circle. Sharing data information of a company will share accurate, reliable and quantifiable data indicators under the help of block chain technology. Users' information analysis and suggestions can be obtained through authoritative third party credit agencies. When a shared enterprise has information query needs, the shared chain can dynamically analyze and push the most accurate information according to the evaluation data of the shared enterprise's data information on the block chain, so as to reduce the operation cost of the shared enterprise and improve the efficiency of the participants.

Shared chain intelligent contract

By sharing chain sharing application has access to selected conditions for generating intelligent contracts when the smart contracts get external data, testing to meet the preset condition, will take the initiative to replace enterprises and users to respond, and ensure that all state the correctness, integrity and non repudiation, greatly enhance the interactive experience.

ShareChain Ecology

Shared chain business architecture

The shared chain is composed of a shared chain block chain network and a shared chain open platform. The whole business ecology also includes the role of shared chain cross - chain exchange, sharing enterprise, credit evaluation service provider, sharing ecosystem, and customers using products.

Shared chain consensus mechanism

PoSBCS - Proof of Shared Billing Credit Share,Express the credit contribution proof mechanism according to the past shared bill to ensure the credit mutual trust between the user and the shared application.

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